Hello, this is the video tutorial on how to download metal from metalminos.net

If you want to download from Google Drive you will need a Download Manager called JDOWNLOADER 2 and you can get it from this Link ad-ware free installer btw. Mirrors (alternative links) does not need jdownloader.

Once installed we need to have open Jdownloader before proceed.

Follow this simple steps:


1: Click on the Google Drive or Mirror

2: The link will lead you to a web called shink or croco (may change to others in a future) then you have to click on the google captcha to prove you’re a mere human and not an awesome bot (:p).  and wait 3 seconds to proceed. (sometimes google captcha will ask you to pass a challenge on an image, example “choose bus pictures” you must select bus pics, too obvious.

3: The site will redirect to safelinking, where the files are crypted and you can ONLY USE JDOWNLOADER2 to download the files. With open JD just click blue button called CNL2 then the links will be added to your jdownloader

4: Tip: sometimes i’ll publish a bunch of links and the software will add a subfolder for each file. you can select all, just click on the first link then pres shift button (the arrow located below  Caps Lock

5:  Click on Add and Start Downloads = Get Heavy Downloads

PS: For mirrors, you will get the links for each files,  you wont need jdownloader but its helpful on some filehost


SAFELINKU Links, click always VISIT LINK instead of download

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  1. Good night, how are you? hope so. My name is James and I have a question when downloading the files. I do not use the J downloader because my antivirus detected adware. I wonder if I can use another file manager. Thank you in advance, and I await a return. Hugs!!!

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