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Latest Known Lineup:

Rector Stench: Drums (1988-1995, 2001-2007)
See also: Sangue, ex-The Tempter, LAWA, ex-Carnage, ex-Los Tres Hombres, ex-On/Off, ex-Spine
Don Cochino: Guitars, Vocals (1988-1995, 2001-2007)
See also: Hollenthon, ex-Vuzem, Didi Bruckmayr, Mudbreed, Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench, ex-Kreuzweg Ost, ex-Zombie Inc., ex-Carnage, ex-Los Tres Hombres
El Gore: Bass (2006-2007)

Band’s Info

Formed by members from the band Carnage (split-up in 1987) in February 1988. The band split up in 1995 and reunited again in 2001 without Jacek Perkowski.

Three members were also in a band named Los Tres Hombres, which played covers of classic rock and pop songs with death metal twist and only played in Vienna. The only song ever released by this side-project was “Love Hurts” (originally by the Everly Brothers) on the Soulrape compilation.

The members have a side project with Dr Heathen from Mentors.

Due to international and domestic disputes with labels and each other, the band decided to split up in mid-August 2007. Though, El Cochino promised to release the planned album nonetheless, as Pungent Stench or as a new project..

Realese Information

Country: Austria
Genre(s); Death Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 1.19 GB (scans)
File Compressor: RAR
Band’s Info: Pungent Stench’s Metallum

CONTENT Releases

2003 – Out Of This Gloomy Light (Demo) – 128 Kbps

Studio Albums
2003 (2005) – The Morning Never Came (US Edition) – 320 Kbps
2005 – Ghosts Of Loss – 320 Kbps
2007 – Hope – 320 Kbps
2009 – New Moon – 320 Kbps
2012 – Emerald Forest And The Blackbird – 320 Kbps
2015 – Songs From The North I, II & III (Special Edition) – 3CD – 320 Kbps
2019 – When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light – 320 Kbps

Singles & EPs
2005 – Forgive Her… (Single) – 320 Kbps
2007 – Don’t Fall Asleep (Single) – 320 Kbps
2008 – Plague Of Butterflies (EP) – 320 Kbps
2009 – New Moon (Single) – 320 Kbps
2018 – Lumina Aurea (Single) – 320 Kbps


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