Here you can leave your metal requests: Albums, flac albums, dvds, Bluray Rip. I wont upload bluray isos cause are damn hugh, maybe later whens theres a good regular visitors basis.

use this for for your request:

Band Name:
Band Releases:


Band Name: Iron Maiden
Band Releases: Killers

* since i will upload discographies from well known bands, try to request something less popular

leave your request below this post only:

you can submit all you want but be reasonable :p

66 thoughts on “Request

  1. Hola,no se si tambien subirias este tipo de bandas,pero esta es mi peticion
    Artista:The Damned
    Albums:la discografia si se puede

  2. Band name: Lich King
    Band Releases: Necromantic Maelstrom
    Toxic Zombie Onslaught etc.
    not that unknown,not that known
    i legit only could get Toxic Zombie Onslaught and their 2012 full length,and i searched every where
    it would be nice if you could upload in lossy mp3 320,but flac is just fine aswell!
    i’d be really happy 🙂

    1. When i said band releases i meant discography,my bad,thought you needed that requirement just so you could be able to find them,cause there are lots of bands with the same name.

  3. i’m lokking for :

    Band Name: Drowning Pool
    Band Releases: Resilience

    Band Name: Sumo Cyco
    Band Releases: Opus Mar
    Band Releases: Lost in Cyco City


    1. seems you have some hard request. i couldnt find anything but this, fusionator but not 100% sure to get it. wait a bit

    1. Hi.
      Is it possible to bring:
      Band Name: Kiss
      Band Releases: discography
      With all the quality only you deliver to us? =)

  4. Crusty Old Toad ‎- Turn People Into Food
    Haemophagus – Slaves to the Necromancer
    Empheris – The Return of Derelict Gods

    320kb only 🙂

  5. Hi,

    I tried to call over earlier today and unfortunately couldn’t connect with anyone. I’m trying to get in touch with the staff member that oversees your website.

    Can you point me in the right direction?

  6. Hi could you please upload these at 320KBPS:
    1. Bandname: Anthrax
    Songname: Madhouse
    2. Bandname: Eddie Cochran
    Songname: Summertime Blues
    3. Bandname: The Who
    Songname: Can’t Explain
    4. Bandname: Jimi Hendrix
    Songname: Purple Haze
    5. Bandname: Cream
    Songname: Crosswords
    6. Bandname: Pink Floyd
    Songname: Money
    7. Bandname: Ted Nugent
    Songname: Stranglehold
    8. Bandname: Blue Oyster Cult
    Songname: Don’t fear the reaper
    9. Bandname: Heart
    Songname: Barracuda
    10. Bandname: The Police
    Songname: Message in a Bottle
    11. Bandname: Yes
    Songname: Owner of a Lonely Heart
    12. Bandname: The Smiths
    Songname: What Difference Does It Make
    13. Bandname: Bruce Springsteen
    Songname: Glory Days
    14. Bandname: The Darkness
    Songname: I Believe in a Thing Called Love
    15. Bandname: Black keys
    Songname: I Got Mine
    16. Bandname: Cruel
    Songname: St. Vincent
    17. Bandname: Cream
    Songname: Sunshine Of Your Love
    18. Bandname: Lenny Kravitz
    Songname: Are You Gonna Go My Way
    19. Bandname: KALEO
    Songname: No Good
    20. Bandname: Muse
    Songname: Psycho
    Please upload these at highest quality possible!!!

    1. Hi, Fade. i was really busy restoring links on the blog, i will take yoiur request, but ill soon wibll be opening a rock dedicate blog so will have this for metal and another to server rock albums.

  7. Hi, theese two rare albums will be great to upload if anyone find them

    Band Name: Cave Blind
    Band Releases: The Golden Axe (2020)
    Sword Of Power (2019)

  8. Hi! Would you be willing to upload my band’s album?

    Bandname: Diabology
    Release: Nobody Believes Me

    The whole thing can be downloaded for free from “website” link. We would really appreciate if you could upload, and we’ll be sure to link you on our social media when it’s done. Thanks!


  9. Hi.
    Is it possible to bring:
    Band Name: EdGuy
    Band Releases: discography
    With all the quality only you deliver to us? =)

  10. Hi there!!
    Is it possible to bring “Offspring”, “Green Day” and “Blink-182” discographies?
    I guess it could go to your other site. You could also put a permanet link to that site at the top of this site.
    Thanks for all the hard work!!

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