Here you can leave your metal requests: Albums, flac albums, dvds, Bluray Rip. I wont upload bluray isos cause are damn hugh, maybe later whens theres a good regular visitors basis.

use this for for your request:

Band Name:
Band Releases:


Band Name: Iron Maiden
Band Releases: Killers

* since i will upload discographies from well known bands, try to request something less popular

leave your request below this post only:

you can submit all you want but be reasonable :p

50 thoughts on “Request

  1. Hola,no se si tambien subirias este tipo de bandas,pero esta es mi peticion
    Artista:The Damned
    Albums:la discografia si se puede

  2. Band name: Lich King
    Band Releases: Necromantic Maelstrom
    Toxic Zombie Onslaught etc.
    not that unknown,not that known
    i legit only could get Toxic Zombie Onslaught and their 2012 full length,and i searched every where
    it would be nice if you could upload in lossy mp3 320,but flac is just fine aswell!
    i’d be really happy 🙂

    1. When i said band releases i meant discography,my bad,thought you needed that requirement just so you could be able to find them,cause there are lots of bands with the same name.

  3. i’m lokking for :

    Band Name: Drowning Pool
    Band Releases: Resilience

    Band Name: Sumo Cyco
    Band Releases: Opus Mar
    Band Releases: Lost in Cyco City


  4. Crusty Old Toad ‎- Turn People Into Food
    Haemophagus – Slaves to the Necromancer
    Empheris – The Return of Derelict Gods

    320kb only 🙂

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