Turilli - Lione Rhapsody - Zero Gravity Rebirth and Evolution mega google drive

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Download Turilli – Lione Rhapsody – Zero Gravity (Rebirth and Evolution)(Japanese Edition) 2019 [Google Drive MEGA]

General Information

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Power Metal
Format: MP3
Bitrate: 320kbps
Size: 134.9 MB (scans)
File Compression: RAR
Band’s Info: Dragonforce Twitter

Album Tracklist

01. Phoenix Rising (6:15)
02. D.N.A. (Demon and Angel) (4:20)
03. Zero Gravity (5:54)
04. Fast Radio Burst (5:08)
05. Decoding the Multiverse (6:19)
06. Origins (2:27)
07. Multidimensional (4:43)
08. Amata immortale (5:05)
09. I Am (7:15)
10. Arcanum (Da Vinci’s Enigma) (6:25)
11. Oceano (4:03)


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